Invitation: Join My “This is How We Grow” Blog Hop!


An Invitation to YOU!

Join my This Is How We Grow Blog Hop!

(in honor of my new book, by the same name!)

Theme: “I choose to grow.” 


I’ve certainly had my share of life challenges, many of which I share in my new memoir, This Is How We Grow. From deathloss, and grief, to postpartum depression, to relationship struggles and questioning self-worth, my life has presented me with many opportunities to grow.


It is a choice, you know. Growing. As I write in This is How We Grow, “Life changes are to be expected, aren’t they? Seasons change, years come and go, and so do we… As a wise person once said, ‘Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.’[1] I choose to grow. What will your choice be?”[2]


Join my This is How We Grow Blog Hop and share your “choose to grow” moments with the world, as we inspire and show one another the way. Please read the instructions, below, then hop on over to my blog on or after Saturday, November 9, and join us! Let’s show the world that we can and will choose to grow, no matter what life brings!



Please Join Us!

Help me celebrate the release of my new book by joining my This is How We Grow Blog Hop! Write a post on our theme, “I choose to grow,” and be sure to follow the guidelines, below. Then, link it up with my This is How We Grow Blog Hop post, between November 9 and December 7th! It’s that easy. And, it’s a great way to help one another share our work and stories of inspiration! See the instructions, below.



Editorial Guidelines:

  • Name: Include your real name. We don’t promote people with online disguises.
  • Length: 500-1000 words.
  • Theme: “I Choose to Grow.” Keeping in the theme, we welcome posts on overcoming life challenges, sharing lessons learned, and tools to help you and others “choose to grow.”
  • Purpose: The purpose of this blog hop is to inspire, teach, and uplift. We therefore ask that you focus on messages of hope, recovery, and growth.
  • Post Type: You may write a new post or use one previously written, as long as it is on the theme “I choose to grow.”
  • Title: All posts must include our blog hop title, “This is How We Grow” Blog Hop, 2013. However, you may use whatever other title you would like, in addition. If using an old post, simply add the Blog Hop title to the top of the post so we know you’re participating.
  • Links: Posts will be linked up on my site, and all posts need to include a link back to the blog hop page. This is how we create the ‘hop’! (see below)
  • Disclaimer: Dr. Christina Hibbert reserves the right to remove any links to material that is unrelated or is deemed inappropriate for this blog hop.



How to Participate:

  1. Beginning Saturday, November 9, 2013,
  2. Write your blog post any time between now and December 7th, 2013.
  3. You may also share a post you’ve previously written, as long as it is related to the topic and includes the title, This is How We Grow Blog Hop 2013.
  4. Visit my site,, and look for my post, This is How We Grow Blog Hop 2013. At the bottom of my blog post will be the link up device. You will be able to link up on this page after November 9th.
  5. Link up your post to my blog post in the Linky provided at the bottom of the post.
  6.  Link your post back to the hop! Be sure to grab the “I Choose to Grow” badge code (in my right sidebar) and add it to the html or text section of your post and/or sidebar. This is how we create the hop–by linking your site back to mine and vice versa, so please do not skip this important step! (If the badge code will not work, you may also copy one of the images on this post and link it or create a simple link to the blog hop link up page.)
  7. We encourage you to copy the This is How We Grow photo in this post or on the link-up post, and use it in your post. You may also grab the code in my sidebar (right) for our This Is How We Grow badge and install it in your sidebar, if you so choose.
  8. Feel free to promote your blog and the blog hop on social media! I sure will!


Social Media Links:

  • #TIHWGBlog is the hashtag we are using to promote this event. #TIHWG is the hashtag for my book release and related events and giveaways (including my FREE Kindle giveaway, November 13th!)
  • Twitter: My handle is @DrCHibbert. Please follow me on Twitter and let me know when you promote a post. I will retweet!
  • Pinterest: Follow me on Pinterest, and re-pin images related to the blog hop! Create images for your posts, and we will pin and re-pin all month long!
  • Please join me on my Facebook Pages, to promote and discuss our posts!


That’s it! Can’t wait to get “hopping” with you!


Be sure to check out Dr. Hibbert’s new memoir, This Is How We Grow, on! 

Launch day and FREE Kindle Giveaway, November 13th!

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Author, Clinical Psychologist, Mom of 6, Postpartum Couples DVD Producer, Non-Profit Founder, and expert on Parenting, Women’s Emotions, Pregnancy & Postpartum, Grief & Loss, and Personal Growth, Dr. Christina Hibbert loves songwriting, learning, and teaching what she learns. Her new book, This Is How We Grow is available November 13th on Amazon![/author_info] [/author]


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Invitation: Join my "This is How We Grow" Blog Hop!;

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[1] Karen Kaiser Clark, Life is Change, Growth is Optional (CEP Publications, 1998).

[2] Christina G. Hibbert, Psy.D. This is How We Grow, chapter 1.

About Dr. Christina Hibbert

Clinical Psychologist, Mom of 6, Postpartum Couples DVD Producer, Non-Profit Founder, and expert on Parenting, Women’s Emotions, Pregnancy & Postpartum, and Grief & Loss, Dr. Christina Hibbert loves songwriting, learning, and teaching what she learns. She really hopes you’ll join the Personal Growth Group and choose to grow together!


  1. Great to see a fellow colleague doing so much to help others and I am excited to read your next book “this is how We grow”. I am definitely working on this as I grow to become a amazing woman of God who encouraged, gives, and definitely help others to grow.

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