When Life Throws You In The Mud, Plant Yourself And Grow.

Mud is good for growing things. Well, maybe not mud exactly, but dirt, soil. In fact, the darker the soil, the richer and more nutrient-dense it is.When I looked up the word “grow” in the dictionary here’s what I found: to spring up and develop to maturity; to increase in size by assimilation of material into the living organism; to promote the development of (Webster’s New World Dictionary). Now we’re obviously not just talking about plants here; no, we are talking about growing ourselves—springing up to maturity, increasing in (figurative) size by assimilating information, and ultimately, about promoting our personal development. Life gives us countless opportunities for growth, but far too often we fail to see them for what they really are. We see the obstacle, the opposition, the obstruction, but we fail to see the opportunity.


That little word–grow–seems so small and insignificant, but really it’s big and important. To help you see just how important it is G.R.O.W.; www.DrChristinaHibbert.comI’ve created an anagram: G.R.O.W., or Grasp the Repeating Opportunities for Wisdom. When things don’t go your way or when life seems completely flipped upside down, remember to Grasp—reach out your hand and take hold of the lesson. It’s not always easy to do, but if you’re willing to try, I guarantee the lesson learned will be worth it. In fact, life’s lessons keep Repeating until they are learned. So if you miss it on the first go around, don’t worry–it will come back again. Growing is not about ease anyway; it is an Opportunity, an opportunity to gain Wisdom. It is stretching high to the sky and then stretching a little bit more. Try it now. Reach your hand up as high as you can. Did you do it? Ok, now reach up a little bit more. See? Just when we think we can’t grow anymore, we surprise ourselves and go a little bit higher.


The next time life seems to be beating you up, submit, plant yourself deep in the mud and G.R.O.W. You will become something much greater than you could have dreamed, catapulted to a higher and deeper knowing—of life, of love, of yourself, of the Divine.

~Excerpt From Dr. Hibbert’s forthcoming book, This Is How We Grow”.



from "This is How We Grow," by Dr. Christina Hibbert; Join the "This is How We Grow Summer Book Club" & Preview Chapters at www.DrChristinaHibbert.com

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