Give the Gift of Hope

Give the Gift of HOPE; www.DrChristinaHibbert.comIf there is one thing we all need during the holidays and all year long it is hope. Hope in today. Hope in tomorrow. Hope in days to come.


Don’t Lose Hope

Too many of us are losing hope. We fear our emotions. We fear failure. We fear the future will not bring us what we need. In fact, hopelessness is a core component of depression and other mental illness, leaving those afflicted feeling lost and alone. I know. I’ve experienced times of hopelessness. I have felt that darkness, that doubt. I have wondered if the sun would ever shine again–if I would ever be healed. I write about many of these times in my memoir, This is How We Grow. To quote, “Hopelessness is, in my mind, one of the worst emotions we can feel, because it leads to giving up, to quitting, to saying, ‘It’s too hard. I can’t do it.'” (p. 202)

Knowing many people are feeling hopeless right now drives me to want to give the gift of hope–hope that hope is possible. Hope that hope is the light that leads us out of despair. Hope that there is a spark of hope in each of us, and if we can just find it and fan it, our hope will grow.


The Gift of Hope

Hope is what gets us up each morning and moves our feet through each day. Hope is the courage to dream and the wisdomGive the Gift of Hope; that helps us heal. “Hope is the light that shines in the darkest winter, the one we take for granted until we find ourselves desperate in the cold. ‘Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark,’ and in choosing to grasp that hand, we choose to live, for hope keeps us going, reminding us there is something to keep going for.” (This Is How We Grow, p. 202)


Give the Gift of Hope

Is your heart filled with hope?

If so, do you have enough to share? Can you give others in need the gift of your hope? Can you smile, reach out a hand, lend a shoulder to cry upon? Can you write a note, say the words, “You matter to me,” show your love to your family, friends, and even strangers?

If you can’t feel hope, what is blocking it? Do you have a heartache, pain, or hurt from the recent past that is still fresh? Do you have an old hurt that needs attention and care? Can you take one hopeful step to reach out for help? Can you, for a moment, look up and see the beauty around you, let love in, and dare to hope?

Whether you feel hopeful or not, you can choose to give the gift of hope this holiday season, and all year long–to your loved ones, to those you’ve just met, and especially to yourself. How?

  • First, open your heart and dare to let that spark of hope appear.
  • Then, flame your hope by seeking connection, serving others, seeing the good in the world, discovering meaning and purpose.
  • Share your spark of hope by telling others what you see in them, by showing them how you feel.
  • Create a moment of joy for someone, and that will bring hope.
  • Create a memory for someone, and hope will be strengthened.
  • Fan your hope like a fire, then share it with others through laughter, singing, hugs, kisses, charity, and faith.


Give the gift of hope. Then, open and receive the gifts of hope you’ve been given, too. Hope is the seed of all good things, the starting place of dreams coming true.


What gives you hope? How do you “give” hope to others? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so share a comment, below!

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  1. Some people reading this may be wondering the difference between hope and faith. I have found that faith is my belief that whatever is going to happen it will be for the better. Faith, unlike hope has no negative side to it. If you have faith you are looking for that positive outcome and expect it. With hope there tends to be a certain level of unpredictability in the outcome. It is more up to us as an individual to assign a positive outcome. With hope we must go deep inside our self and eliminate any possible fear of the outcome and know we control the final product of our happiness. Hope is the way you feel when you are down and someone comes to you pointing out the best in you and the positive affect and love you bring to their life. Hope is knowing that the state of mind you are in at this moment is within your power to change if needed or enhance and share if desired. Spreading hope is as easy as letting another know how much you care. The beauty of spreading hope is while bringing hope to another we are bringing hope to our self. To me, nothing is more rewarding and satisfying than doing something that brings a smile to another.

    • Beautifully said, James. Yes, faith and hope seem similar but are also unique. Hope is the beginning of faith, and faith is the action of hope. They are both at their best when they go hand in hand. I especially loved your last line and couldn’t agree more. Thank you for your thoughtful words. 🙂

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