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Free Postpartum Depression Brochure!

Download Postpartum Mood Disorders: What Every New Parent Should Know, courtesy of The Arizona Postpartum Wellness Coalition. Created by Christina G. Hibbert, Psy.D. (May reproduce for educational purposes without permission).


Postpartum Depression/Anxiety Treatment:

Visit my Postpartum Depression Treatment pages and “Know your Options!”

The Facts vs. The TRUTH about Postpartum Depression (+ video)

Beyond Depression: Understanding Pregnancy & Postpartum OCD (+video)

PPD & Medication

PPD & Psychotherapy

PPD & Self-Help

PPD & Complementary Alternative Modalities

PPD & Sleep 


Pregnancy & Postpartum Emotional Health: What Every Parent, Grandparent, & Provider Should Know

5 Ways to Cope with Stress When You’re Pregnant


Moms, Dads, & Couples–Check out these posts:

Pregnancy & Postpartum Emotional Health: What Every Parent, Grandparent & Practitioner Should Know 

PPD Treatment–For Couples

PPD Treatment: For Dads & Partners

Postpartum Survival Mode: Be Where You Are & Give Yourself a Break!

The Baby Blues & You


Postpartum Depression in Men:

Postpartum Depression & Men: The Facts on Paternal Postnatal Depression

Watch this interview with Dr. Hibbert, Postpartum Depression in Men is Becoming More Common, or read the related article. From ABC 15.

Postpartum Depression & Advanced Maternal Age:

Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders: What You Need to Know

The Spectrum of Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders

Are Women of Advanced Maternal Age at Higher Risk?

For more on this topic, visit


Continuing Education on Perinatal Mental Health:

Teleseminar CD: Visit PESI to order Dr. Hibbert’s CD, Postpartum Mood Disorders: Effectively Assess & Treat.

Dr. Hibbert and the Arizona Postpartum Wellness Coalition present In-Person Workshops & Continuing Education Courses: Visit for updated information

Pregnancy & Postpartum Resources:

Postpartum Support International:

Postpartum Progress Blog:


Click here for more Pregnancy and Postpartum Support & Resources.

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