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“Motherhood” means so many things: pregnancy, partnering, parenting, redefining oneself as a wife and mother and still knowing who you are, making hard decisions and loving well. Watching your children be born and grow up, get married and sometimes go away. Join me, Dr. Christina Hibbert, clinical psychologist, author and full-time mother of six children as my guests and I discuss the, joys, problems and conundrums of being a mother. Grab some chocolate, find a favorite comfortable chair, and grow through motherhood with me!

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 Mastery of Motherhood! Best “Mom Advice” from Mental Health Providers + Join the M.O.M. tour! (Episode 85)

Today I’m unveiling “Mastery of Motherhood”–my newest venture–and I want YOU to be part of it! Listen in for details on how to join me, and I just might be coming to visit you! Then, listen as 5 mental health provider friends of mine share their best “mom advice.” I’m sharing two of my top bits of wisdom, too. All geared to help you master motherhood, this is only the beginning! Visit…dio-tv-tour for more info or email to invite me to visit your group on the “M.O.M. tour!”

The Power of Connection–Finding Your “Tribe” Online & IRL (in real life) (Episode 84)

Connection is powerful in motherhood. We need one another–to support, encourage, and be there when the going gets tough. We need to be able to talk about kids—the joys and the stresses—and to find and nurture relationships with those who understand and support us through our parenting journey. Nowadays, there are a variety of options for connecting with others, both online–through social media, blogs, forums, etc–and in real life (IRL). The beauty of online connections is we no longer need feel isolated. But when is it all too much? Can it become a problem to connect online? Does it prevent us from the real life connections that are so crucial to community in motherhood? And when is it best to say “no” to connecting with others? Today my fabulous friend and founder/CEO, Elisa All Schmitz, is here to share her wisdom on the power of connection–both online and IRL–on broad vs. deep connections, how to find your “tribe,” when to say “no” to online or real life commitments, and when to say “yes” to the opportunities for connection that come our way. Then, check out Women & Friendship: The ABC’s of Making & Keeping Friends.

The Road to Calm (Episode 83)

It’s easy for emotions to run high in motherhood. Kids are emotional. Parents are emotional. It can be a perfect storm. How can we calm our emotions, teach our kids to do the same, and bring more peace into our families and homes? My guests, Dr. Carolyn Daitch (www.anxiety-treatmentlcom) & Lissah Lorberbaum (, authors of “The Road to Calm Workbook” (…-Calm-Workbook/) are here to teach us the tools for calming emotional flooding. They’re walking us through the STOP solution, sharing their favorite tools for calming anxiety and stress, and even doing a relaxing hypnotherapy exercise with us. Get your “calm” on in this stress-relieving episode of Motherhood! Then, check out “8 Keys to Stress Relief” for more ways to travel the ‘road to calm!’

Overcoming Mom Shame: The #StopMomShaming Solution (Episode 82)

If you’re a mom, you’ve experienced it–unwanted advice, criticism, or even shaming about your parenting style, choices, or lifestyle that leaves you feeling devastated. And chances are, you’ve experienced this mom-shaming from other moms. Why are we so hard on one another? And why are we so hard on ourselves? My guests, Dee Anna McPherson and Charong Chow, creators of the popular Mom.Life app (, are on a mission to stop mom shaming and help all moms find the safe and uplifting networks of true, un-judging support we all need. Together, we’re sharing solutions to overcome mom shame, as part of the Mom.Life app’s #StopMomShaming campaign. An important episode that will help us all remember we’re not alone, we’re doing the best we can, and we can, and must, support one another in this incredible, challenging experience we call Motherhood. Be sure to share with a friend, and then visit my related post, “Overcoming Mom Shame: #StopMomShaming Solutions (Q & A from Mom.Life app)” here. And don’t forget to download the FREE Mom.Life App here, to follow me and join the #StopMomShaming movement!

Parenting Teens (Episode 81)

Parenting is tough enough, but once they hit the teenage years, it can feel like your world has been flipped upside down! From changes in hormones, to changes in the brain, teenagers are bombarded with physical and emotional shifts that can impact not only their lives, but parents and the whole family as well. How can you help your teen navigate adolescence not only safely, but with mutual compassion, love, and stronger relationships? My guest, Myrna Haskell, writer and author of “Lions and Tigers and Teens!” is here to share the skills of relating, bonding with, and understanding teenagers. We’re sharing our top strategies for how to build strong relationships with your teen before adolescence begins and keep those ties strong and flourishing well into young adulthood. Whether you have a teen or someday will, this is one episode you don’t want to miss. For more, visit “Parenting Teens: Am I Doing Good Enough?”.

 Infant Massage: Bonding & Building Relationships with Baby (& Beyond)

From the moment a child is born, a dance begins–the dance of bonding, attachment, and building a relationship. One of the most powerful ways to begin this dance is through touch. As we learn to identify, tune in to, and soothe our child, physically and emotionally, we are not only laying a foundation for a strong communication throughout his/her life; we also find comfort, stress relief, and empowerment as mothers. Today, I’m talking with infant massage instructor Marija Eanes (, who says the principles of infant massage can not only help us calm and soothe our babies; they are principles we can apply as children grow–to foster connection, strengthen mother-child relationships, and truly empower us in our parenting role. From baby to beyond, tune in and learn how you can “slow down,” tune in, and grow with your child. And for more on parenting & relationships, read “4 Ways We Learn to Parent, and the Good News about your Parenting Potential“.

Happy Mom: Blocks to Happiness & Skills to Overcome

Are you happy? If not, what’s blocking your happiness? As moms, it can be challenging to keep up with responsibilities and schedules, get little to no sleep, and still feel happy all the time. But happiness in motherhood isn’t a constant state, but rather is found in the moments. My guest, Becky Squire, writer of the “Make Mine Happy” blog ( and mom of 4 has been working on building happiness, and has some strategies to share. Becky outlines some of the most powerful blocks to happiness in motherhood, and together, we discuss the skills to overcome them. Get ready to increase your “happy” in today’s uplifting episode! For more tips on increasing happiness in motherhood, visit…time-video/.

Lean In to your Full Potential!

As a busy mom, do you sometimes feel like you don’t know what your true potential even is? It’s a new year, and that means time think about goals, dreams, personal transformation. From physical goals to emotional, social, or spiritual goals, if we want to live the life of which we dream, we first need to tap into our true potential, and I’m ready to show you how. Guest Susy Kilby ( is here to teach us how to rediscover and “lean in” to this potential, which every one of us has. All you have to do is listen, take note, and believe, and you’ll be living to your full potential in no time! For more, visit “Living a Life of Meaning & Purpose: The Key to True Happiness“.

When it comes to parenting, it’s easy to feel like we don’t know what we’re doing. Even parenting “experts” or family offer advice that can confuse us even more. But my guest today, Dr. Regina Pally, psychiatrist and author of the new book “The Reflective Parent” (, is here to show us how to do less and relate more with our children. Regina offers time-tested counsel that will help you realize you’re doing enough, and to inspire and guide you in how to develop your relationship with your children. Get ready to view parenting in a whole new light–one that will ease your burdens, provide the skills you need, and enrich your parent-child relationship(s)! For more parenting help, check out “Parenting Success: It’s More About the Parent than the Child” (…than-child/).

Holiday Stress & Relationship Survival Guide

No time is more stressful for mothers than the holidays. Not only is normal life still happening, but we add on shopping, decorating, parties, sick kids, events, and a million school/extracurricular activities. No wonder we’re beat come Christmas or Hanukkah! Today, I’m answering your questions on how to overcome the stress of the season, including how to feel holiday joy when you’re going through a rough time, how to deal with family drama, creative ways to preserve your finances, and more. Tune in, know you’re not alone, and then put these time-tested strategies to use to reduce stress and increase your holiday peace and joy! Also, Enter to win in my “Motherhood Essentials: 5 Days of Giveaways”! Add yourself to our Facebook group to enter & then visit the daily posts for instructions on how to win! (! And for more holiday stress support, check out “5 Gifts of Meaning” (…of-meaning/), “Light the World” (…-love-grow/) & “How to feel more Peace & Joy this Holiday” (…his-season/).

The Power and Path of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is something we all need–both to give and to receive–and yet something we all struggle with at times. How can we forgive others when they hurt or wrong us, and how can we forgive ourselves when we do the same? As mothers, forgiveness is essential, but too often we struggle to know how to truly work through, heal, and let go. Today, I’m talking with Dr. Robert Enright, pioneering researcher of forgiveness, about the power of forgiveness and how we can heal from even the most painful wounds. Dr. Enright is also sharing tools from his groundbreaking program and his book “8 Keys to Forgiveness.” To forgive is to let your own burdens go. Make this episode a priority, listen, do the work, and then pass it on. Visit or for more.

The Art of Living Extraordinarily

What does it mean to live an extraordinary life? Do you believe YOU are meant to do so? My guest, Briana Johnson, creator of The Lifebeats podcast and blog ( believes you are, and I agree! Briana and I share some of our personal experiences with choosing the extraordinary life in today’s episode. We’re talking about not only the good, but the hard times of life, how to overcome them, and how these are often the impetuous for extraordinary personal growth, meaning, and purpose in life. We’re also sharing some of our best strategies to practice “the art of living extraordinarily”. So, settle in, listen and get ready to be inspired! And be sure to visit my post, “Living a life of Meaning & Purpose” for more inspiration and tools! (…-happiness/)

8 Keys to End Bullying

Bullying is a hot topic these days. Hot because it’s important, because kids deserve better than to feel powerless in their own schools, homes, and lives. As parents, it can be challenging to know how to handle bullying–whether your child is the bullied, or the bully. How do we talk with our kids about it? Deal with other parents about it? How can we give our children the skills they need to stand up to bullies and be advocates for themselves and others? My guest, Signe Whitson, counselor and author of “8 Keys to End Bullying” [] is here to show us how. Signe is sharing her 8 keys in this powerful episode, including practical “how-to’s” for parents, children and teachers. Together, we can end bullying! We just need the tools to know how, and that’s what this episode is all about. For more parenting skills and tools, please visit…ing-skills/.


Don’t Quit Your Daydream!

As moms it’s easy to let our own dreams go, as we focus on loving, giving, serving, and caring for our families. We may feel guilty following our dreams, or we may feel like it simply isn’t possible. I’m here to tell you the truth: Not only is it possible, but when we let ourselves dream, and work toward those dreams, we give our children and families permission and a model for how to do the same. My guest, Dani Smith (doTERRA Blue Diamond Leader), and I are discussing the “how-to’s” of going for your daydreams–how to let yourself dream, creatively find ways to go for it, and feel like an even better mom as a result! For more, visit my post, “Create the Life You Desire,”…et-unstuck/and be sure to join my FREE “Motherhood Essentials” webinar series…nar-series/ to expand your family health, wellness, and happiness toolbox!


Motherhood Essentials-Support for Emotions, Hormones, Sleep, Family & Finances!

On today’s exciting episode, I’m announcing my brand new “Motherhood Essentials” team! I’ve long loved the empowering health and wellness benefits of essential oils for my family, and now, I’m excited to share them with you. Did you know you can benefit your family’s sleep, emotional health, and even hormones with essential oils? You can! And there’s some excellent research I’m sharing, to back it up. In today’s episode, I’m talking with doTERRA Blue Diamond Leader, Dani Smith, all about the surprising new ways essential oils can support and help your family. We are also sharing our new “Motherhood Essentials” Team leadership opportunities, including a giveaway and FREE webinar series! Take it from me, doTERRA oils are a phenomenal addition to your “Mom Toolbox” for family wellness, and now you can learn more about how to use them, with me, and even work with me on my new leadership team! For more on these exciting opportunities or to register for our giveaway or FREE webinar series, please visit or today!

Strengthening Marriage: How to Like Each Other Better, with Drs. Christi & OJ Hibbert (Episode 70)

When it comes to marriage and couples’ relationships, it’s just as important to build the positives as it is to overcome the negatives. In fact, building the positives is how we are able to thrive through the negatives. My husband, OJ, joins me today as we share our tips and tools for one of the most important “positives” we can build–how to actively like each other. While marriage is about love, it is hopefully also about like–about fun, laughter, and enjoying one another. So, grab your partner and join us for some reality, entertainment, and inspiration to get you liking each other a little better, too. And visit…nniversary/ for more on strengthening marriage.

Making Pleasure an Everyday Habit, For Moms

When you think of everyday pleasure, what comes to mind? As moms, we too often consider pleasure a dirty word–something we’d feel guilty even thinking of–when in fact, pleasure is an important aspect of a healthy, happy motherhood experience, relationships, and life. My guest, Dr. Jessica Michaelson, is passionate about pleasure and helping moms understand the benefits of incorporating more “feel good” moments into everyday life. Make pleasure an everyday habit with this pleasurable episode, and see the payoff in your level of happiness, health, and family joy! For more on creating a healthy lifestyle, including the importance of play and pleasure, check out…pter-part-1 .


What is Personal Growth? Growing through the Seasons of Motherhood

What is personal growth? How do we “choose to grow” through motherhood, when life is so full? In this one-on-one episode, I explain the “seasons of personal growth” and how to not only handle the “falls,” “winters,” “springs” and “summers” of family, work, and personal life, but how to come out better on the other side. Grab a notebook and get ready to learn the skills of growing through motherhood with me! Then, register for my free gifts, “This is How We Grow Personal Growth Group” and “30-Day Personal Growth Plan,” through my website ( And visit “How to Create Your Life’s Vision” for more personal growth inspiration and tools (…fes-vision/).

Soul Selfish Aging: Creating the Life You Desire at Every Age

“Age is just a number.” Do you believe it? Do you believe you can live the life you desire at every age? I do, and so does my guest, therapist and author, Jane Wyker. Jane is sharing her 80 years-young wisdom about how we can age happily by being what she calls “soul selfish”–leading to better relationships, happier children and families, and a happier, more fulfilled you. Be sure to look for Jane’s book, “Soul Selfish” through her website, and for more on creating the life you desire, visit…et-unstuck/.

Change Your Thoughts, Change your Emotions, Parenting, & Life

We all know motherhood is challenging, which can lead to negative thoughts, which can lead to negative feelings, and well, you get the point. How can we overcome negative thinking and find truthful, helpful alternative thoughts to put in its place? In today’s one-on-one session, I’m teaching you one of my favorite skills–thought management. Using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques, I’ll show you how to hear, challenge, and change your thoughts, leading to more positive emotion, behavior, and parenting experiences. Plus, I’ll tell you how you can start teaching these skills to your children, spouse/parter, and family. So, grab a notebook and come learn with me, as we change our thinking to change our life! And visit for tools and resources related to today’s topic.

Episode #51- The Power of Music in Raising a Family


Music is powerful. It can bring up a memory, change a mood, inspire, uplift, comfort, heal. Music is also a powerful way to strengthen families. It not only helps us learn, develop, and grow; music can strengthen family relationships, understanding, and emotional connection and help our children grow, too. Today, I’m talking with Thomas Byers, M.A., guitarist, teacher, and creator of the “Guitar for All” program through In this fun episode, Thomas and I have a great time discussing the many ways we can incorporate music into our families– to build, strengthen, teach, and create joy. Laugh, learn, and be inspired with us on Motherhood radio!


Episode #50- Mom Brain Care: The #1 Practice for Family Health, Mental Health & Happiness

What is the very best thing you can do for your personal and family health, mental health, and lifelong happiness? Protect and care for your brain. As moms, we need a healthy brain in order to be physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and mentally able to take on our family’s needs and to create the life we desire. Dr. Hibbert shares her personal experience of overcoming a mild brain injury in this episode and then explains a simple method for how you can better prioritize, nurture, and care for your brain’s health and vibrancy, starting right now. Be sure to visit for Dr. Hibbert’s blog post, “When Life Drops You on Your Head: 5 Post-Concussion Lessons I’m still Learning,” and to watch this episode on “Motherhood TV“.


 – The Self-Care Solution

If there’s one thing we talk about all the time on Motherhood, it’s self-care–because it’s one the thing we moms need most. Taking time for yourself to nourish, nurture, and care for your mind, body, and soul is one of the best things you can do for your family, though it may also be one of the the toughest. I’m talking with author of The Self-Care Solution, Julie Burton, in this episode about what self-care truly means, how to overcome the guilt, and give yourself the permission you need to practice powerful self-care!


 – Nutrition for Mental Health & Energy



 – Nutrition for Mental Health & Family Wellness

Moms need strong mental health and energy, and one of the best ways to get these is through nutrition. What foods are best for moms’ brains and bodies? What supplements can help? And how can we get these important nutrients when life is busy? I’m talking with psychologist and author Dr. Leslie Korn about her latest book, “Nutrition Essentials for Mental Health: A complete guide to the food-mood connection.” She’s sharing practical solutions for how to strengthen your brain, emotional health, and raise healthy kids, and many of them will surprise you! Tune in for more and check out Dr. Korn’s website, or my website for more on mom mental health.


– Mom Mind & Emotional Wellness

Motherhood is, by nature, an emotional roller-coaster of highs and lows and everything in between. Worry, fear, anxiety, stress, sorrow, are each part of  mothering at some point, and they all begin with the mind. What can we do to identify emotional challenges–in pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond? And how can we overcome them? I’m talking with Dr. Kat Kaeni, producer of the “Mom and Mind” podcast ( about how to get and keep your “mom mind” in tip-top shape for the best possible motherhood experience. More on this topic on my website/blog,