“This Is How We Grow” Print Book Birthday Sale! Today Only!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Hibbert! 

In honor of Dr. Hibbert’s birthday, we’re having a 24-hour sale on the This Is How We Grow print book, November 22nd only!

Thinking of holiday gifts? Want the print book for yourself? We’ve set the price as low as we can and ever will go, so visit Amazon.com or CreateSpace.com and buy the print book today!

It’s a win-win–you get a book you love at the best price, and Dr. Hibbert gets some birthday book love!

Pass it on!


Buy the book between 12-1 pm MST, if you can!

(If not, we still love you, of course, and appreciate you purchasing at any time)


We’ve also got some incredible FREE gifts for all who purchase the book between now and early December! Visit this page to learn more about our This Is How We Grow Book Launch Partners and FREE Gifts!

Thank you, everyone!!


#1 Amazon Bestseller, This Is How We Grow, by Dr. Christina Hibbert, Available now on Amazon.com! www.DrChristinaHibbert.com#1 Amazon Bestseller, This Is How We Grow, by Dr. Christina Hibbert, Available now on Amazon.com! www.DrChristinaHibbert.com


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About Dr. Christina Hibbert

Clinical Psychologist, Mom of 6, Postpartum Couples DVD Producer, Non-Profit Founder, and expert on Parenting, Women’s Emotions, Pregnancy & Postpartum, and Grief & Loss, Dr. Christina Hibbert loves songwriting, learning, and teaching what she learns. She really hopes you’ll join the Personal Growth Group and choose to grow together!


  1. Haha! Thank you so much for posting this, Joani! I am feeling the love already! Can’t wait to share my print book with everyone at such a low price!! Thank you to everyone who has already supported me and This is How We Grow. I am deeply grateful for everything. xoxo

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