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Spring-Cleaning for the Soul: 18 Ways to be Healthy, Happy, & Sane; #happiness #mentalhealth #health

Spring-Cleaning for the Soul: 18 Ways to be Happy, Healthy, & Sane

ShareMy house got pretty out of order last year while I was busy writing and publishing This is How We Grow. For weeks this winter, [...]

"My Kids are Driving Me Crazy!" (Again) Why Parenting is so Darn Tough; #parenting #motherhood #fatherhood

“My Kids are Driving Me Crazy!” (again) Why Parenting is so darn Tough.

ShareI don’t usually post this often–3 times in one week–and I don’t usually hit the keyboard furiously the second I finally get all my kids out the [...]

Mom Mental Health (part 2) -HOW to Get Alone Time (25+ Strategies!);

Mom Mental Health (part 2): HOW to Get “Alone Time” (25+ Strategies!)

ShareIn part 1, we discussed the importance of “alone time” for mom mental health and happiness. Today, we focus on HOW to actually make that [...]

Mom Mental Health (& Happiness): The Importance of Alone Time;  #motherhood #postpartum

Mom Mental Health (& Happiness): The Importance of Alone Time (+ video)

ShareIt’s hard being a mom 24/7–all year long, for years and years. Sure, there are plenty of benefits (the love of your child, for one), [...]

Beyond Depression: Postpartum OCD Treatment--part 3 (& video); #PPD #pregnancy #postpartum #mentalhealth

Beyond Depression: Postpartum OCD Treatment–part 3 (& video)

ShareIn this 3-part series we’ve been discussing Pregnancy/Postpartum Obsessive-Complusive Disorder (PPOCD). In part 1 we took a good look at the symptoms of PPOCD and [...]

"The Pyramid of Self-Worth": Step 3--Practice Self-Love (& video);

“The Pyramid of Self-Worth”: Step 3–Practice Self-Love (& video)

ShareIt sounds simple, yet so many of us get stuck on this one. Some think, “I love myself,” then, hesitantly wonder, “Don’t I?” Others believe, [...]

"Perfect?" or "Fake?': 8 Myths about Perfectionism, & 8 Truths to Cure It;

“Perfect?” or “Fake?”: 8 Myths about Perfectionism & 8 Truths to Cure It

ShareAre you a perfectionist? Not sure? Well, do you…

Set unrealistically high goals/standards for yourself and/or others?
Judge yourself based on what you do/don’t accomplish?
Have a hard [...]

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