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Anxiety & Women: Hormones, Sleep & What You Can Do

ShareIt’s 3:30 a.m. I was simply rolling over to fall back asleep, when my brain switched on like a 100-watt light bulb, and now I’m […]

“Mom Mental Health” through Exercise: Pregnancy, Postpartum & Beyond!

Share Childbearing Years Mental Health & Exercise The years of childbearing and parenting young children can be some of the most challenging. For one, the […]

How to Get (& Stay) Motivated! (Sneak Peak Excerpt from my new book, “8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise”)

Share It’s late January and there’s no better time to talk about motivation. We may have set goals, resolutions, and themes, but are we still going strong? […]

New Year, New You! Top 6 Strategies for Change & Personal Growth

Share There’s something about January and another new year that gets my personal growth juices flowing. I just love the meaning of this time of […]

Holiday Stress Survival Guide: How to feel more Peace & Joy this Season

ShareIt’s that time of year again—time for “getting it all done,” time for planning and parties and presents and…peace?   Are you feeling peaceful this […]

Making Marriage Work By Resolving Conflict: 20 Tips on our 20th Anniversary

ShareMaking marriage work takes work…period. It’s not easy and it’s not always blissful. You will have your high and low points. In fact, if there’s one […]

To All Who Fear They’ll Never Heal- On the 8th Anniversary of My Sister’s Death (A “Day of GratefulLovingJoy”)

Share  Today, October 17th, is “Shannon day,” the day my sister died, eight years ago. When Shannon died, it was so unexpected, so traumatic, so […]

Perinatal Loss & Grief: Coping, Hoping & Healing Together (in honor of Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day)

ShareToday is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, a day for families to remember the loss of their baby. Whether through miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death, the […]

FREE Webinar! Intro to “Women’s Emotions”: What you were never taught about your Brain, Hormones, & Mental Health”

Share What creates the ups and downs so common in female emotions? What role does the brain play, and how do hormones factor in? Why […]

Creativity & Motherhood: 10 Ways to Uplift & Inspire Your Kids, Family, & Self!

Share   As women, and especially as mothers, we are creators. Creators of human beings, creators of families, creators of homes. We nurture, love, uplift, […]

Depression, Loss & A Grieving Husband’s Plea: “Too Short a Fairy Tale,” by Brandon Gerdes

Share I am deeply honored today to share a very important guest post. I recently published an article here, titled, “Mental Illness, Stigma, & Suicide: […]

Mental Illness, Stigma & Suicide: Finding Hope in the Darkest Times

Share**I realize this is a tough subject to talk about, and I do speak very candidly in this article about some painful, but important, things. […]

Depression & Motherhood: Facts, Help, & How to Overcome

ShareDepression affects one in five women throughout their lifetime and is especially prevalent during the childbearing years. Pregnancy, postpartum, hormone shifts, sleep depravation, and the […]

6 Strategies for Body-Mind Wellness & Empowerment

ShareThe body and mind are inextricably linked. What we do to one affects the other. When we care for one, we care for the other. […]

10 Ways to SIMPLIFY Your Busy Life

ShareSimplify. Don’t you love that word? That concept? I sure do. I love the idea of a simpler life.   Simpler doesn’t mean simple or […]

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