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Family Vacation & Personal Growth: 10 Things I Learned in an RV w/my Family of 8 for 8 Days; #personalgrowth #TIHWG #motherhood #parenting #mentalhealth

Family Summer Vacation, & Personal Growth?: 10 Things I Learned in an RV w/my Family of 8 for 8 Days

ShareI knew it would be an adventure—driving over 2,000 miles in an RV, with my husband and our six kids, for 8 days, from Flagstaff, [...]

Dr. Christina Hibbert's "Top 10 Summer Reading & Personal Growth Books" #summer #books

Summer Reading & Personal Growth: Dr. Hibbert’s Top 10 Books

I love to read. I love learning, and I find there’s no better way to learn than by devouring book after book.
Summer Reading 
I especially love [...]

When Life Hands You Lemons...Stop & Reevaluate: 4 Steps to Reevaluate Life & Fearlessly Meet Your Needs; #TIHWG #personalgrowth #MH

“This Is How We Grow” Personal Growth Tools: 4 Steps to Reevaluate Life & Fearlessly Meet Your Needs


It’s no secret life has handed me some lemons–again. I wrote about it a week ago; once again, I’m in a season of loss and [...]

The Best Father's Day Gift: 7 Ways to show Dad how much he Matters;

The Best Father’s Day Gift: 7 Ways to Show Dad How Much He Matters

ShareDads Matter.
I write often about how much moms matter, and certainly we do matter—tremendously. But today, it’s dad’s turn. Dads matter, too. Tremendously.
Unfortunately, I’ve seen [...]

Life: The Battle and the Beauty (Living the Paradox of Personal Growth)

Life: The Battle & The Beauty (Living the Paradox of Personal Growth)

ShareLife. It sure can be demanding. It sure can be beautiful. It’s a paradox, isn’t it? As I’ve said before, we can learn to “live [...]

"This is How We Grow" wins an IPPY Award in NYC and is one of Aspire Magazine's "Top 10 Inspirational Books!" #TIHWG #books #psychology #motherhood #mentalhealth

“This Is How We Grow” Wins an “IPPY” Award in NYC & is one of Aspire Magazine’s “Top 10 Inspirational Books!”

ShareI was pacing my hotel room in Sacramento, CA a few weeks ago, doing last-minute preparations for a presentation when, quickly checking my email, I saw [...]

My dear friend, Jody.

“This Is How We Grow” Charity Fundraiser: Buy a book, help a wonderful family.

Help a Wonderful Family
As I shared in my recent post, “Self-Care & Letting Help In–The 2 Most Important Things,” I lost my dear friend, Jody, [...]

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