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"The Many FACEs of DEPRESSION": Motherhood, Postpartum, & Spirituality--Jami's Story;

“The Many Faces of Depression”: Motherhood, Postpartum, & Spirituality–Jami’s Story

I am pleased to continue my “Many FACEs of DEPRESSION” campaign this month with Jami’s story.
Jami is a counselor,  speaker, and mother of seven! Her […]

Friends, Family, & support- 10 Ways to Be there for Each other; www.DrChristina

Family, Friends, & Support: 10 Crucial Ways to Love & Be There for Each Other

Share“In order to give love, we must receive love; as we receive love, we learn to love ourselves; and as we love ourselves, we have […]

Stigmama-Motherhood. Mental Illness. Out Loud;

“Motherhood. Mental Illness. Out Loud.”–Happy Birthday, STIGMAMA!

ShareI wasn’t planning on posting today. Yesterday, my second book, Who Am I Without You (with New Harbinger Publications), came out–successfully, thank goodness! And today […]

#SELFESTEEM & #SELFWORTH: "Who Am I?" Hint--you're more than you think! (Preview my new book, #WhoAmIWithoutYou!)

Self-Esteem & Self-Worth: “Who Am I?” (Hint–You’re More Than You Think) Preview my NEW Book “Who Am I Without You”!

It’s time! My brand new book, Who Am I Without You, is being officially released this week! In honor of the book release, I’d love […]

The Many FACEs of #DEPRESSION: #Men, Illness, & #MentalHealth, Pernell's Story;, #2 in a 12 part series

The Many FACEs of DEPRESSION: Men, Illness, & Mental Health–Pernell’s Story

ShareI can’t tell you how thrilled I am to begin my “Many FACEs of DEPRESSION” blog series. After reviewing dozens of submissions, I’ve selected 12 […]

Loss, Love, & a NEW Way to do #ValentinesDay: 10 Ways to GROW in #Love;

Loss, Love & A NEW Way to do Valentine’s Day: 10 Ways to GROW in Love

ShareAs I write, it’s a few days before Valentine’s Day. The world seems to be covered in pink and red, candy hearts, and flowers; it’s […]

#Meditation for #MentalHealth, Personal, & Spiritual Growth: The Spirit Meditation, #video #YouTube #blog #spirituality #personalgrowth

Meditation for Mental Health, Personal, & Spiritual Growth: “Spirit Meditation” [video]

ShareI haven’t always been a meditator. I used to think it was kind of strange, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to try it for […]

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