How to Get Started

How Do I Get Started with Essential Oils?

So, you’re interested in essential oils?

Wonderful! I’m here to help. The first step is to determine what you’re looking for.

1) If you’re looking to purchase a few doTERRA essential oil products at RETAIL price, click here and you’ll be redirected to my doTERRA “Motherhood Essentials” site where you can browse the entire doTERRA product collection and make your purchase.

2) If you’re thinking of purchasing more than a couple products and would like WHOLESALE pricing, click here to visit my doTERRA website, and then click on the “JOIN & SAVE” tab. This will explain how you can receive significant wholesale discounts plus earn FREE products as a “Wholesale Customer.”

3) If you’re interested in earning FREE products AND supplementing or even replacing your income working with me & doTERRA, check out the benefits of becoming a “Wellness Advocate” (click here to visit my doTERRA website, then click “JOIN & SAVE”). Becoming a wellness advocate also qualifies you to be part of my Motherhood Essentials (ME) Leadership team, with FREE mentoring, education, and one-on-one interaction with me to help you reach your doTERRA essential oils goals! (Click here to learn more about my leadership team and how you can work with me!)

To LEARN MORE about these options, and to view my exclusive, personalized ENROLLMENT kits, scroll down.

Since you’re curious….

The BEST (cheapest) way to get started is by enrolling with a wholesale account. It’s similar to a Costco membership, it’s a $35 membership fee which gives you 25% off all products for a year. Having a membership also gives you access to monthly discounts and promotions. The coolest part about the membership is there are no monthly minimums (buy what you want when you want)!

A Wholesale Starter Kit will save you even more money, and the $35 wholesale fee is waived! Scroll down to see some of my favorite Starter Kits or click here to visit my doTERRA website and view more starter kits and single products.

Do I have to sell oils?   

Absolutely not! You can just use the oils to support your family’s health. If you change your mind at some point and want to start sharing doTERRA, just let us know and we will help you get started!

Want to get your family started using oils in your home? It’s easy:

Step 1:    Choose a Wholesale Kit below, including my exclusive “Motherhood Essentials” kits.

Step 2:    Get your oils in a couple days.

Step 3:    Open your oils, and we will be in contact to connect you with all of our online (and Local) education options!

Save 825$!!

Plus, FREE Signed Copies of all 3 of my books, a large and small Dani Bag, and FREE Membership!

The mother of all essential oil kits, this includes all of my absolute must-have products as a mom, including the emotional aromatherapy kit, Terra Greens green drink mix, Breathe vapor stick, Lifelong Vitality Pack with your daily vitamin supplements, Serenity Restful Blend & Restful Complex for sleep support, Deep Blue for achy muscles, On Guard Protective Blend oil, soft gels, and foaming wash, an AromaLite diffuser, and so much more! As a BONUS, you’ll also get two “Dani Bags”–a perfect way to store and carry your oils, as well as signed copies of ALL 3 of my books! To order this kit, email me at, and I’m happy to answer any questions and get you all set!

Save $329.71!

Plus, FREE Book, Bag, & Membership!!

Including all of the must-haves for pregnancy and postpartum, this kit contains the natural solutions to your health and wellness concerns you’ve been looking for. Including On Guard protective blend oil, beadlets, and foaming wash, Lifelong Vitality Pack, Emotional Aromatherapy Touch Kit, Serenity Restful Blend and Restful Complex for sleep support, Deep Blue, for muscle aches, a diffuser, and many more oils to support you through pregnancy and postpartum. As a BONUS, you’ll also get a FREE Dani Bag, perfect for carrying your oils, AND a signed copy of my book, This is How We Grow, as well as a FREE doTERRA membership! To order this kit, email me at, and I’m happy to answer any questions and get you all set!


Save $132.67!

Includes FREE Membership!

Everything you need for hormonal support, including Bone Nutrient Complex, Phytoextrogen supplement, ClaryCalm women’s blend, Balance Grounding Blend, an Emotional Aromatherapy Touch Kit, Daily Nutrient Pact, and Serenity Restful Blend & Restful Complex! AND a FREE membership! To order this kit, email me at, and I’m happy to answer any questions and get you all set!

Save $48.95!

Plus, FREE Book & Membership!

Give yourself a break with this kit including some of my favorite self-care items! Lemon, Balance Grounding Blend, and Citrus Bliss, along Serenity Restful Blend & Restful Complex, Detoxifying Mud Mask, a diffuser, and Spa Lotion you can blend with any essential oil! BONUS-you’ll also receive a signed copy of my book, “Who Am I Without You?” which is a perfect guide for anyone wanting to build self-worth, and a FREE Membership! To order this kit, email me at, and I’m happy to answer any questions and get you all set!




Natural Solutions Kit

doTerra Kits & Product Mockups


Save $98 OFF Wholesale Prices

Free Membership

Get $100 in FREE oils

Save an extra %40 on all future orders

This kit is our BEST SELLING kit! It includes a variety of oils to use in your home, the amazing Aroma Lite Diffuser, Supplements, a Storage Box and SO MUCH MORE! This is my favorite kit if you aren’t sure of exactly what you will need but you know you want to dive in supporting your family’s health in a natural way. This will give you a great starting point with a little sampling of some of our more popular products.

Home Essentials Kit

doTerra Kits & Product Mockups


Save $86 OFF Wholesale Prices

Free Membership

The Home Essentials Kit includes doTERRA’s top 10 essential oils for families! Plus one of my favorite starter diffusers (perfect for the kid’s room).  This is a great economical option for those of you wanting to get started right away, and you can build your stash as you go!

Want more options?

The kits above are just some of my favorites, but you can customize whatever you want within any budget. Take a look at lots more options on my doTERRA Motherhood Essentials site, here. (


Follow the steps below to GET STARTED!

Step 1:    Choose a Wholesale Kit, click over to my doTERRA Motherhood Essentials site, enter your country, and hit continue. 

Step 2:    Select “WHOLESALE CUSTOMER” and then hit continue. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be filled in for you. But if not, enter 1884146 in both boxes and the name should come up as “Hibbert, Dr. Christina”

Step 3:    Enter your contact and shipping info.

Step 4:    Select your starter kit and any additional products you would like to add.

Step 5:    Enter in your payment information and then hit “Process Order Now and Continue”. 

That’s it! You should receive a welcome email from us within 24 hours! If you don’t see the email for some reason make sure to contact us via text or email! We are so excited for your new WELLNESS JOURNEY! 


P.S. If, as you’re getting started, you have ANY questions, or if you’d just like me to help walk you through the process, please email me at I am happy to help!




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