Mastery of Motherhood: Is it possible? Take the Survey!


For the past several months I’ve been visiting with groups of incredible women and mothers all over the country, discussing “Mastery of Motherhood.”

I start each workshop with a question: “Is mastery of motherhood possible? Why or why not?”

The responses I’ve received have varied widely, from “no way!” to “absolutely,” and everything in between. These mothers have had a lot to say about the idea of “mastering” motherhood, including their reservations, hopes, fears, and their personal stories (my personal favorite).

Hearing the stories of these women has empowered me in this task I’ve set before myself–to write a book about the “Mastery of Motherhood.” I have felt their gut-wrenching emotions, I have experienced their doubts and questions, my heart has warmed at their hopes and dreams, and I have delighted in their motherhood successes. Yes, hearing from moms of all ages and stages and places and all walks of life has given ME hope that, together, we can figure this “mastery of motherhood” thing out.


I need you!

But I can’t do it without your help. That’s one thing that’s always been abundantly clear: I need your input! I need to hear your stories, to know your thoughts and feelings; I need to share your motherhood experiences, because the more I hear and know from you, the more I find myself on what I believe is the right track to crafting a book that will speak to you, a resource that will feel helpful and beneficial to you and moms like you.

And so, here I am, writing this post to implore you to join my “Mastery of Motherhood” cause by completing my Mastery of Motherhood online survey.

It’s easy. There are only a handful of mandatory questions and you decide how much of the rest you’d like to answer. I really hope you’ll take the 10-15 minutes to sit down and share your M.O.M. experiences with me, and then pass the survey on to all the moms you know.



Here’s what I need you to do:


1) Take the Survey: To get started, visit, scroll down for the survey link, and follow the brief instructions. Or, you can go directly to the survey by clicking here.


2) Share the survey image above and the website on social media with all your mom friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers! Without your help, I simply can’t reach all the moms I need to reach!


3) Email me your personal stories, thoughts, feelings, experiences, and whatever you think I should know as I prepare this M.O.M. book (support I hope to include as many personal experiences from moms like you as possible.


4) Stay tuned! For email updates on the M.O.M. progress and opportunities, please subscribe, above, and include your email on the survey!



That’s all for now!


I am grateful to each of you for taking the time to help me with this important and exciting project. I am doing it in honor of mothers everywhere, who continually astound me with their unending ability to show up every single day and love greatly.Mothers are simply amazing! Give yourselves a hug from me!


Questions? Leave a comment below or shoot me an email!




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