Dr. Christina Hibbert; www.DrChristinaHibbert.comDr. Christina Hibbert is the author of the Amazon Bestseller, This Is How We Grow. A Clinical Psychologist and expert on Women’s Mental Health, Grief & Loss, Motherhood, Parenting, Perinatal Mental HealthSelf-Esteem, & Personal Growth, she received her BA from Brigham Young University and her MA and Psy.D. from California School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles.

Dr. Hibbert is the Founder of the Arizona Postpartum Wellness Coalition, a 501(c)3 non-profit that educates women, families and providers on perinatal mental health, and is the producer of the internationally-sold DVD, Postpartum Couples. Dr. Hibbert is a dynamic and engaging speaker, providing insights and education on topics such as Personal Growth, Self-Esteem & Self-WorthGrief, Loss & the Family, Pregnancy & Postpartum Wellness, Women’s Emotional Health Across the Lifespan, and Protecting Families in the Digital Age. Look for Dr. Hibbert’s next book on the topic of Self-Esteem after a Breakup, with New Harbinger Publications, to be released March 2015.

Mostly, though, “Christi” is a happily married mother, trying to keep up with 6 energetic children! The lessons and insights she shares come not only from her experiences as a psychologist but from her varied experiences in life, her motto being, “Learn. Then teach.” Called “The Singing Psychologist,” Christi is a singer-songwriter in her free time and often shares a song or two in her speaking engagements. She keeps her private practice, her family, and her heart in Flagstaff, AZ.


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This is How We Grow: A psychologist’s memoir of loss, motherhood, and discovering self-worth and joy, one season at a time.

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